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Branch Committee

Members of the Merseyside Branch Committee manage and administer the business and affairs of the Branch. The Branch Rules provide that the Branch Committee is composed of one member per one hundred Branch members up to a maximum of 30. Committee members are elected annually by the members at the Annual General Meeting.


The meeting also provides an opportunity for members to see former colleagues. Committee meetings are held quarterly. The Executive Members are the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer who are elected by the Committee at the first Branch meeting following the Annual General Meeting. The Branch is represented at the Narpo Annual Conference where they debate and vote on key issues concerning the membership.


The Branch is represented at all Pre-retirement courses.





Welfare matters are conducted in total confidence. Any member of the Branch who is in need of assistance will be visited by a Committee member and the appropriate assistance sought, for example, from the:


  • Police Dependant’s Trust ( The Police Dependants' Trust exists to assist in cases of need: dependants of police officers or former police officers who die or have died as a result of an injury received in the execution of duty; and police officers or former police officers who are, or have been incapacitated as a result of an injury received in the execution of duty.


  • National Police Fund ( The National Police Fund supports Police benevolent funds and gives grants to Police Orphanages and Convalescent Homes. The Education scheme supports serving, retired and deceased officers' dependants with their higher education.                                               


  • North West Police Benevolent Fund ( object of the North West Police Benevolent Fund is to assist serving and retired police officers (who have been contributors to the Fund during their Service) with financial assistance when in need. The Fund can make grants or interest free loans to applicants as is deemed necessary by the trustees. It also runs the Police Convalescent Home at Harrogate and has several Lodges’ in the Lake District and South Wales which can be used, free of charge, for officers and pensioners who are recuperating from sickness or injury. They are also available when not required for convalescent purposes for hire as holiday lodges.




In many instances cases are referred to the Branch by the Merseyside Police or by the Federation.

Members over the age of 80 years will be contacted annually and when necessary they will receive a visit from a committee member. Birthday and Christmas cards are also sent.





Guidance on how to access advice, assistance and, if necessary, representation is available to members. It will be appreciated that NARPO cannot fund costly litigation but the Police Federation may fund appeals arising from matters which occurred prior to retirement.





On request, the Branch Secretary circulates details of job vacancies which are notified to him.



Message Board


Registration with the Message Board allows us to make contact with you easily, you to make contact with other members and for us to keep you up to date with news, events and reunions etc. There is a general discussion forum where members discuss topics of interest. Registering with the message board is a simple task and if you are interested then please visit: and click 'Join the Message Board' and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.



Local Bulletin

All members receive a copy of the printed quarterly Branch bulletin. . It contains the latest news about what is happening in relation to pensions and other issues affecting members. Committee members also scan the environment for news worthy items which they feel will be of interest to members. The bulletin is also the organ through which the Chairman passes on his thoughts to the membership. Click on the following link to see list of bulletins/newsletters.




Branch Committee members attend the funerals of all members which take place locally. Use of the NARPO funeral drape is offered to the next of kin of a deceased member.   Police helmets and caps are also available on request.   Retired officers are encouraged to continue their membership of the Merseyside Police Funeral Society which makes a grant to the next of kin to assist with funeral expenses.

















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