Around the World

The World map below shows the location of 111 of our branch members living, either fully or partially, around the world.  Most are permanent residents and as of December 2020.  The numbers in the circles indicate numbers living in that country.   See below for full details.


Our world wide members

Our world wide members


The details are as follows;

Australia -10       Barbados – 1      Canada – 7          Croatia – 1          Cyprus – 2

France – 20         Greece -   2          Germany – 2       Hong Kong – 2   Ireland - 9            Isle of Man – 1

Isle of Skye – 1   Philippines – 1   Portugal – 6        Qatar – 2              Singapore – 1     Spain – 29

Tenerife – 2       The Hague – 1    Turkey  - 1           USA – 6                 New Zealand – 4

Merseyside Police Band

The music below was recorded at Fairfield and is entitled MERSEYSIDE POLICE BAND, under the direction of Captain Pottle MBE, LRAM, RM (Retired) and the vocalist is Tom Cowin.

The band consisted of Sgt. M Brownbill, Sgt Bonell, Con. Ward, Con Jarvis, Con Bailey, Con Gardener, Con Clarkson, Con Garton, Con Jones, Con Hurley, Con Morgan, Con Walpole, Con Pearson, Con Hewitt, Con Corbett, Con Smith, Con Fleming, Con Jackson, Con Peters, Con Morris, Con Mathews, Con Cain.

To listen, click on one of the clips below:

Layer 33
Didn't We
Final Curtain
My Boy