Members of the Merseyside Branch Committee manage and administer the business and affairs of the Branch. The Branch Rules provide that the Branch Committee is composed of one member per one hundred Branch members up to a maximum of 30. Committee members are elected annually by the members at the Annual General Meeting.

The meeting also provides an opportunity for members to see former colleagues. Committee meetings are held quarterly. The Executive Members are the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Assistant Secretaries Admin and Welfare, Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer who are elected by the Committee at the first Branch meeting following the Annual General Meeting. The Branch is represented at the Narpo Annual Conference where they debate and vote on key issues concerning the organisation and also attend the North West Regional  and the Merseyside Branches Liaison meetings.

The Branch is represented at all Merseyside Pre-retirement courses.

Executive Committee



Christine Parkinson


Vice Chair

Stan O'Connor



Eddie McGrath


Assistant Secretary (Admin.)

Lorna Lyons


Assistant Secretary (Welfare)

Colin Lewis



John McDermott

Bob Johnson v4

Deputy Treasurer

Bob Johnson

Committee Members

IT Coordinator: Brian Starkey

Webmaster: Brian Starkey


Jane Arrowsmith Lynn Boardman Ann Aspinwall
George Dafnis Sandra Dean Julian Dearden
Tracey Denton Bill Fallows  Phil Griffiths
Steph Hayes Mike Hogarth  Jackie Holder 
Bob Johnson Colin Lewis Lorna Lyons
Peter Marsden Gerrie McConaghy John McDermott
Eddie McGrath Robin McGrath Kath Melling
Arthur Monk Stan O'Connor Christine Parkinson
Anita Rotherham Colin Rowan Ruth Rowan
Malcolm Schroeder Brian Starkey  


If you have any matters you wish to be discussed at Branch meetings then please contact the secretary or one of the committee members.

If you wish to obtain a copy of minutes for a committee meeting then please contact the secretary and he will forward you by email a copy of the latest approved minutes.

Committee Meetings


8th February 2022

12th April 2022

24th May 2022

9th August 2022

15th November 2022

Annual General Meetings


The date for the AGM this year is Wednesday 3rd May 2023 at the Liner Hotel, Liverpool , L3 5QB

Annual Conference

Friday 8th September 2023