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Who and Where? The Copyright Is Owned By Bernard Rose
Merseyside Branch Bench
Merseyside Branch Bench
The Information Room At The Old Hardman Street HQ in 1960
The Telex Room At The Old HQ In Hardman Street 1960
Who and where? The copyright is owned by Bernard Rose,
Who and where? The copyright is owned by Bernard Rose,
Outside the Empire The copyright is owned by Bernard Rose,
Who and where? The copyright is owned by Bernard Rose,
Believed to be the Horse Show in 1959 or 1960 - any ideas ? photo supplied by Bill Stacey
Who and where? The copyright is owned by Bernard Rose,
Horses on duty on St Georges Plateau to celebrate 100 years of police band July 2008
Display by the Mounted Department Merseyside Police for the pensioners reunion at Aintree Racecourse - July 2009
Merseyside Police Dog Display at Aintree Racecourse for the Pensioners reunion - July 2009
Rice Lane Police Station situated in Rice Lane Liverpool 9. Near to the old Walton Hospital
The old Waterloo Police Station. Built in 1876. Was one of three premises in the area. The others being Little Crosby and Seaforth. Picture supplied by Shaun Rothwell
The old Anfield Police Station. Anfield - Anfield Road - Originally a Lancashire County outpost.Above the front door are the words "Police Station" with a gap above the words where once was the word "County"Shaun Rothwell
Durning Road. Fire Police Station - Durning Road - Built 1885 Cost of Land £640 cost of building £1,657. Until September 1941 Fire Fighting was performed by H Division of the Liverpool City Police. Hence the term "Fire Bobbies". Shaun Rothwell
Aigburth Vale - "This is a make-shift station for part of the Garston sub-district. The yearly rent is £32 10s". (Head Constable Report 1905). It was normally of the Lancashire Constabulary to rent dwellinghouses to act as Police Stations. Shaun Rothwell
County Police Office, High Street, Newton-le-Willows. Built in 1899, a large Station with a Court on the upper floor. It replaced a Station which still stands on the opposite of High Street. Merseyside Police never used this Station. Shaun Rothwell
County Police Office, Page Moss (Horn Smithy) – The Sub. Built in the early 1940, as a sub station for Huyton. Page Moss was a regular "night–spot" for U.S. Servicemen serving at Burtonwood. Image supplied by Shaun Rothwell
Lawrence Road Police Station in Lawrence Road Liverpool 15. Now a Community Centre called Peel House. Second picture taken in April 2002 by Brenda Neary
The former Westminster Road Bridewell became a bar and is now awaiting conversion to flats
The Main Bridewell Cheapside. What will it become?
The former Lark Lane Police Station
All that is left of the old Derby Road Police Station on the Liverpool and Bootle boundary. Now occupied as a transport yard.
Dock Hut, Bramley Dock, Whilst not strictly in use as something else still of interest. Picture supplied by Shaun Rothwell
This is the old Old Swan Police Station in Derby Lane Liverpool. The Liverpool City Police driving school was housed here at one time
This is the old Prescot Street Police Station in Prescot Street in Liverpool.
This is the front to the old Liverpool City Police HQ in Hardman Street in Liverpool. The entrance contained a public enquiry office known as the GEO (general enquiry office)
This one is situated on the North side of Southport on the main Southport to Preston Road. Could you use it for a caption competition?
Aigburth Vale Police Station. Described in the 1905 Chief Constables Annual report as: A make-shift station for part of Garston sub-district; it's taken on a yearly agreement at £32.10.0d & fulfils the purpose for which it was taken.Tony Roach collection
This was the HQ of the old Liverpool City Police A Division. Hatton Garden is situated in Hatton Garden Liverpool and is still associated with law and order
The former Bootle Police HQ and Courts. Now used by the Hugh Baird College
This is a little bit of a fraud as it never ever became a police station. Situated on the Dock Road in Liverpool near to North Sandon Dock it was built for the then docks division but was never occupied
Situated in Argyle Street in the Liverpool City Centre it has for many years lay empty. As you can now see it has been totally renovated. It is now a restaurant. Built in 1862 on land owned by the Corporation. Information by Shaun Rothwell
Woolton Police Station situated in Quarry Street, Woolton Liverpool. Nearby is the quarry from which a large quantity of the sandstone used in the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral was quarried.
Wavertree Police Station situated in High Street, Wavertree, Liverpool 15. Now a licensed premises
Garston Police Station pre 1890 Saint Marys Road junction Wellington Street, Garston. The giveaway is the plaque on the gables marked "Constabulary Station" thanks to Shaun Rothwell
The old Seaforth Police Station - Seaforth Road, Seaforth. Built in 1895. Picture supplied by Shaun Rothwell
These small Fords were bought for traffic patrol by Birkenhead Borough Police and were traded in after 12 months on the understanding that if a new Fords were bought a 62% allowance would be made on purchase price of the old cars.1939 photo. Tony Roach
Ford Accident Unit Supplied by Des Carville - Sept. 2007
Land Rover (The Jeep) Supplied by Des Carville - Sept. 2007
Ex Chesire Marina Supplied by Des Carville - Sept. 2007
RS 2000 Supplied by Des Carville - Sept. 2007
Ford Mexico Supplied by Des Carville - Sept. 2007
823 HKB Triumph Speed Twin, registered on 1.9.62. One of a fleet of 23, registered 801 HKB – 823 HKB They were painted Ruby Red and had the Siamese exhaust pipes. Photograph taken in July 1964 at MillBank School , West Derby, Tony Roach collection
Old Mini Cooper S Liverpool and Bootle photo by courtesy of Bob Woosey This car featured in a write up in Mini Magazine in February 2002, if anybody is interested. The mag gave good coverage and pictures of the car inside and out. Tony Roach.
Riley 1.5s. Annual Inspection at Mather Avenue when we had the fleet of Riley 1.5s. L to R; John Tunstall; Joan Jackson; Ruth Phillips; John Carson; Not known. These cars were part of a fleet of 18 supplied by J.Blake & Co in October 1960. Tony Roach
Steam Launch ‘ARGUS’; The River Police Department was formed in 1865 to combat thefts of cargo from the dockside areas and also to prevent shanghaiing on the River Mersey. Tony Roach Collection
This ex Mobile Column Command Vehicle, 411 CYW was bought in 1972 by Liverpool and Bootle Constabulary for Class III. Driver Training. It is a Thames Trader, registered in late 1961 early 1962. Tony Roach Collection
Terrific pre-war photograph of the Liverpool City Police Driving School taken in Sefton Park. From l to r: DKA 670; BMA 267; CKB 384; DKB 694; DKB 632; DKB 693; DKC 731; AKF 876, Tony Roach Collection
Southport Borough Police taking delivery of their new Ford V8 patrol cars. This rather nice period photo shows the cars DFY 806 and DFY 807 on delivery. From L to R: PC H.B. George Pointon; PC 33 Sam Laycock; PC50 W.C.Russell; Sgt 10 Tony Roach Collection
Picture of a 1973 Prison Van HLV 333 L. It is based on a Bedford chassis and has a body built by Marsdens of Warrington. Photo supplied by Tony Roach
SKC 860 the ‘A’ Division Land Rover. One of 7 Land Rovers, registered consecutively SKC 860-866 Bought in 1955 at cost of £627.8s.0d, which included building to police specification. Supplied by Sandon Engineering. Tony Roach Collection
The QE2 about to berth on her last visit to Liverpool October - 2008
Part of St Georges Hall famous tiled floor in Liverpool during its uncovering in February 2009
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The arising of the spider from the depths of Liverpool in September 2008
November 2020  The Sir David Attenborough at Liverpool Cruise terminal awaiting departure for sea trials
Newly opened Leeds Liverpool Canal Link via the Pierhead to the Albert Dock - March 2009
Newly opened Leeds Liverpool Canal Link via the Pierhead to the Albert Dock
It has woken up on the Kings Dock
Lodges flooded during the exceptional floods of November 2009
Exceptional flooding Windermere Novermber 2009
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Sunset in El Nido  Philippines from a member resident

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